Beautify Your Backyard

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, homeowners will be spending more time in the outdoors, especially in their own backyards. Here are a few tips on how you can turn this space into a summer sanctuary:
    • Create an extension of your home with your deck, gazebo or sunroom. Decorate the space with the same fabrics, furniture and accents as the house's interior to create an outdoor escape. You'll have the perfect romantic getaway or relaxing nook without leaving your property.
    • Breathe new life into old furniture and reupholster cherished pieces with all-weather fabrics. For items that are wicker or wood, grab a can of paint and a brush to add flowers, swirls and polka dots for a fun, garden theme. For the more artistic decorator, these shapes can be done freehand, or run to your local craft store for stencils and embellishments.
    • Beautify on a budget by taking inventory of items in your home that can be repurposed for the outdoors. Consider an iron headboard that can be painted and used as a garden trellis or figurines that can add accents to flowerbeds. Plus, you'll knock out two big projects at once: you'll have a breathtaking backyard and won't have to declutter!
    • Shed light to create the perfect ambiance to your backyard, especially after the sun goes down. Add a glowing light fixture without attracting bugs with the GE® Bug Lite. The bulb has a special coating that makes it invisible to insects so they aren't swarming your patio party. Or, if you're looking to illuminate your backyard, try GE's outdoor LED area light, which provides up to 60 percent energy savings, a longer life and light-level uniformity.
    • Add color with flora and fauna to your outdoor living space. Hit multiple senses by including fragrant flowers as well as eye-appealing plants, such as roses, lilies and herbs. To give the effect of a full garden with a limited budget, plant lush greenery to prevent the yard from feeling too small. Accent your new floral designs with figurines and lawn ornaments of your favorite critters.
        Taking the time to beautify a backyard that reflects your style and personality will not only create a go-to destination for you and your family, it will also provide the perfect backdrop for entertaining guests on a warm summer day.

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