Less is More with GE's 2–Foot SHOWBIZ® T8 High Output Cinema Linear Fluorescent Lamps

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  GE Appliances & Lighting expands fixture design possibilities with its new 2–foot SHOWBIZ® T8 High Output Cinema Linear Fluorescent lamps. The lamps provide the same high light output, color stability and GE reliability as standard T8 lamps, but now come in a shorter design to better accommodate space constraints in film, TV, and still photography applications. 

The new, 2–foot T8 lamps still measures a slim 1–inch diameter and offer colors that match tungsten (3200 degrees Kelvin) and daylight (5500 degrees Kelvin) reference spectra for film. The lamps feature a 95 color–rendering index on the 3200K color and 97 color–rendering index on the 5500K color with the use of rare–earth and full–spectrum phosphors. Each offers 90 percent lumen maintenance over 2,000 hours of service for brightness stability.

The color emissions of the SHOWBIZ T8 High Output Cinema Linear Fluorescent lamp respond to the spectral sensitivity curves of film and electronic imaging media, eliminating the common green spikes often apparent with older or less advanced products.

The 2–foot SHOWBIZ T8 High Output Cinema Linear Fluorescent lamps are also available with GE's industry leading covRguard®. This shatter resistant shield is used for stage and studio operations that use open light banks, move lamps around on sets or transport lamps for location shooting. The exclusive covRguard® Lexan® shield, available only on GE lamps, offers industry–leading shatter resistance and containment of broken glass.

Developed through the GE Six Sigma process, SHOWBIZ Cinema Linear Fluorescent lamps incorporate the latest lighting technologies.