Renowned GE Lighting & Electrical Institute Announces 2008 Conference Schedule

Five new conferences debut in 2008

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  With technology changing every day, GE Appliances & Lighting is committed to providing industry professionals with training in the latest lighting and electrical distribution solutions at the renowned GE Lighting & Electrical Institute. As the world's foremost lighting and electrical distribution training facility, it features full-scale demonstration centers and a staff of lighting and electrical experts. The GE Lighting & Electrical Institute has served the industry for more than 70 years from GE's historic Nela Park campus in Cleveland.

For the first time, participants can register for conferences through the GE Learning Central ( portal. This central site for training and education provides streamlined registration procedures, individual and group tracking capabilities and report generation, and links to online courses.

The complete conference schedule for 2008 includes the following:

Lighting Retrofits
Facility managers and engineers, specialists for energy services companies, and others who are involved with the specification and implementation of energy-saving strategies will benefit from this conference. Lighting retrofits provide some of the easiest, most direct ways to reduce energy consumption. Through lecture and hands-on workshops, participants learn about the latest technologies and the energy-saving opportunities they provide in applications including retail, industrial, office and healthcare. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 and its tax incentives for retrofits are reviewed in detail. A variety of guest speakers add their perspectives on topics including retrofit financing and electric utility trends. Tools for analyzing and cost-justifying lighting retrofit projects are also demonstrated.
March 25–26
Oct. 22–23
Cost: $400 / 1.0 CEU Credits

Fundamentals of Commercial and Industrial Lighting
Designed for newcomers to the lighting industry, this conference provides basic product and application training for commercial and industrial lighting. This program contains lectures and full-scale lighting demonstrations that create an interesting, fast-paced, comprehensive lighting conference. Topics include: lighting terminology, lighting measurements and color, an overview of major light source families and systems, lighting economics, and application modules for retail, office, industrial and outdoor lighting.
Feb. 26–28
April 29–May 1
June 10–12
Aug. 5–7
Dec. 9–11
Cost: $550 / 1.5 CEU Credits

Advanced Lighting Update
This is a new course designed for the lighting professional who wants concise updates on new lighting systems, metrics, application guides, tools, industry issues and more. Participants learn about cutting-edge lighting systems along with application guidelines and metrics for systematic performance comparisons. Other topics will include: lighting research updates, overview of lighting legislation, and strategies for LEED® and other "green building" initiatives.
April 23–24
Cost: $400 / 1.0 CEU Credits

Trends in Electrical Solutions
Directed to electrical engineers with 1 to 5 years experience, this conference explores solutions that: provide reliable electrical systems, save construction time, better utilize valuable building space, reduce installation and life cycle costs and improve safety. Topics include: service entrance and substation equipment, medium-voltage protection and motor control, lighting control panels, distribution feeders and submetering. The conference includes hands-on demonstration of equipment.
May 7–8
Oct. 29–30
Cost: $400 / 0.7 CEU Credits

Professionals who specify retail lighting and others who supervise the design or maintenance in department, grocery, specialty and mass merchandise stores are the intended audience for this conference. With presentations in full-scale settings and interactive sessions, attendees learn about effective retail lighting strategies that can save energy, improve lighting quality, reduce maintenance costs – and increase sales. Topics include: an update on the latest lighting systems for accent, display and perimeter lighting; trends in retail lighting applications; a primer on design strategies and detailing; and an update on energy legislation and tips to take advantage of current tax incentives.
May 13–14
Cost: $400 / 1.0 CEU Credits

Lighting for Healthcare Facilities
This conference is designed for facility managers, designers and maintenance supervisors who are involved in specifying or maintaining lighting systems in a healthcare setting. The focus is on reducing energy and maintenance costs while maintaining or improving lighting quality. Topics include: lighting design strategies for patient rooms, nurses' stations, operating rooms, medical diagnostics areas, offices and public areas; outdoor lighting techniques for enhanced security; new developments in lighting equipment and controls; and energy and disposal laws and regulations. Special topics include: lighting guidelines for assisted living and skilled nursing facilities and a review of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) issues within the healthcare environment.
June 4–5
Oct. 29–30
Cost: $400 / 1.0 CEU Credits

This new course is designed for landscape architects, park and recreation officials, safety directors, facility managers and others involved in the specification or installation of exterior lighting. Application-oriented presentations feature lighting system selection criteria for facades, walkways, parking areas, landscape lighting, street lighting, monuments, and signage. Key themes include: sustainable design – including energy conservation, control of light pollution & maintainability; and lighting for security.
September 25–26
Cost: $400 / 1.0 CEU Credits

Green Buildings
"Green" or sustainable building is the practice of creating more resource-efficient models of construction, renovation, operation, maintenance, and demolition. In this new conference, property and facility managers, energy managers, and other key decision makers in businesses and institutions will hear the latest strategies for improved lighting efficiency, controls, motors and drives, metering, power management systems, water conservation, air quality, waste reduction and more. Other topics include: benchmarking, LEED certification for new and existing buildings, identification of tools and resources, and the review of successful green building case studies.
Sept. 28–30
Cost: $550 / 1.5 CEU Credits

LC Exam Prep Course
This new, comprehensive 3–day course is designed to provide participants with an in-depth final review, prior to taking the Lighting Certified (LC) exam administered by the National Council on the Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) in November 2008. A panel of experts will provide an overview of subject matter identified by NCQLP in the examination content outline. Topics include; survey/audit procedures, the lighting design process, financial analysis, installation and commissioning, operations and maintenance, and regulatory compliance. (This course is not associated with NCQLP. Completion of this course does not guarantee that the participant will pass the LC exam.)
Oct. 6–8
Cost: $550 / 1.5 CEU Credits

This new workshop is designed for architects who want to better understand lighting design considerations for a variety of interior and exterior applications – including retail, hospitality, offices, schools and healthcare facilities. Content includes: a primer on the quantity and quality of light; a review of current lighting system technologies (including LEDs); lighting system selection criteria; an update on energy codes and lighting legislation; and trends in lighting applications. Other topics include: impact of lighting on LEED certification, lighting economic analysis tools, interior and exterior lighting application workshops, research updates on light and human performance, and a peek at the future of lighting. (AIA Learning Units – TBD)
October 27–29
Cost: $550

Museum Lighting
Professionals who are responsible for the lighting in museums and art galleries receive practical lighting recommendations at this conference. Through lectures and workshops, lighting techniques and guidelines are presented for the most common museum lighting applications, with special emphasis on conservation issues. Topics include: light and color, a review of the latest lighting technologies, and lighting system selection criteria.
Nov. 5–6
Cost: $400 / 1.0 CEU Credits

Please visit or contact the Lighting & Electrical Institute at 800.255.1200 to learn more.