Luxurious Island Resort at Peace with Form-Function Balance of GE Lamps

CLEVELAND, Ohio  (NYSE: GE)  Situated on the spectacular and unspoiled northwest point of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies, Amanyara is an award-winning luxury boutique hotel that is essentially a collection of open pavilions overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Amanyara, or "peaceful place," embraces its secluded beachside setting with a contemporary design that echoes the nuances of the tropics: soaring rooflines, sun decks, sliding glass doors, languishing pools and tranquil ponds. 

Amanresorts, Amanyara's parent company, takes great pride in designing resorts with symmetry and purpose, and Amanyara is no exception. Every element has a purpose, whether it's to frame a view, lead the guest to a new place of discovery or simply create a harmoniously balanced environment.

From the architecture to the lighting, Amanyara executives insisted on an almost obsessive attention to detail. "Because everything had to have symmetry and purpose, so too each light had to justify its existence," says Andrew Jaques, senior lighting designer with The Flaming Beacon P/L, an Australian lighting design firm. "Lighting for lighting sake can upset this balance and ultimately diminish the guest experience. This philosophy led us to critically question the relevance of all light placements and types."

The Flaming Beacon worked with Denniston International Architects & Planners, Ltd., of Malaysia to integrate lighting elements into architectural plans and details. The Flaming Beacon chose GE Appliances & Lighting to supply more than 2,500 lamps used around the property. The lighting objectives were to make the light fixtures appear as an extension of the architecture and interior design, while using lighting to harmonize with and reinforce the architecture.

Respecting and reflecting nature
One striking feature at Amanyara is a central pond that features reflections of the surrounding pavilion facades. Luminaries with GE ConstantColor® Precise™ MR16 lamps reveal the delicate pergola structures and up light dominant white columns.

"We chose the GE ConstantColor Precise™ MR16 lamps because they are the best on the market for color stability and have excellent beam definition," says Jaques.

Small feature trees are highlighted with GE 75-watt PAR30 halogen flood lamps that detail the trunks and punch light into canopies. Additional MR16 and PAR30 halogen lamps highlight the entry pavilion, bar, pool and guest pavilions. The MR16 lamps include more than 2,000 50-watt flood, medium spot and narrow beam lamps, as well as several hundred 20-watt narrow beam and flood lamps used throughout the property.

A central dimming system controls all public area lighting. This extends lamp life, creates high contrast balance and modulation, and allows for theatrical interplay between predetermined scenes.

"GE ConstantColor Precise™ MR16 lamps provide precise beam control with no color shift throughout the life of the lamp," says Mary Beth Gotti, manager of the GE Lighting & Electrical Institute. "The lamps also have an extra long 6,000 hour life to make maintenance easier."

The Flaming Beacon custom designed many of the decorative lighting fixtures using metals, stones or timber species existing in the architect's palette. A family of custom timber wall lights were influenced by the timber lattices used extensively within the architecture to filter the sun. Wherever possible, the lighting design firm hid lights into recesses in large columns, mirror frames and more.

"This type of hotel is all about the guest experience, and lighting plays an important role in that," says Jacques. "We chose to specify GE lamps based on years of successful projects with their products. We don't like to skimp on the quality of lamps."  

This lighting project is among several recognized during the 2006 GE Edison Awards held in May 2007.

The Flaming Beacon is a specialist international lighting design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. The Flaming Beacon provides informed, intelligent and independent design consultancy and advice.