Albeo Receives Three Patents from USPTO for LED Lighting Innovations

Albeo Technologies was acquired by GE Lighting in November 2012. The news release below reflects information released prior to the acquisition.

The US Patent & Trademark Office grants patents covering Albeo’s innovative thermal and integrated chip technologies. These technologies enable lower cost solid-state lighting products that are brighter, more efficient, and longer lasting.

Boulder, Colorado February 28, 2011 Albeo Technologies Inc., an award winning manufacturer of industrial and commercial solid-state lighting systems, announces issuance of three patents covering thermal and integrated chip technology. The company is developing these technologies to lower costs and improve efficiency driving paybacks to less than one year by 2012.

“We are pleased that the USPTO has recognized our intellectual property by granting these patents,” said Jeff Bisberg, Albeo’s CEO. “The Albeo team is innovating with the objective of replacing high performance fluorescent and HID with LED technology. The implementation of the patented ideas deliver higher value LED lighting solutions that reduce maintenance and energy costs.”    

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About Albeo Technologies
Albeo Technologies is a leading LED Lighting manufacturer for industrial and commercial buildings, such as cold storage, data centers, retail, schools and commercial buildings. The Albeo products range from high bay and low bay solutions, to linear, surface mount and under cabinet fixtures. The company has lit over 8 million square-feet of space to date and won 16 independently-judged awards, including 6 from the US Department of Energy (DOE). Albeo’s fully customizable, reliable and low-maintenance LED lighting products offer energy savings up to 95% and an ROI of 1-3 years. For more information, please visit