GE® Bug Lite Takes The Bugs Out of Summer Entertaining

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  Want to avoid attracting pests to your patio party or dinner on the deck? Illuminate the night with a GE® Bug Lite. A special coating on the bulb makes its light invisible to flying bugs, so they aren't drawn to it. 

Insect vision is different from human vision, spectrally. Insects are attracted to light in the UV part of the spectrum. Conventional incandescent lights have transmission in the UV range, and bugs can see it. The yellow pigment used to coat the GE Bug Lite filters out any light below 490 nanometers, making the light it transmits non-existent to insects.

Choose a GE Bug Lite to avoid those pesky insects at outdoor gatherings. GE Bug Lites are available in both compact fluorescent light (CFLs) and incandescent bulbs.
  • GE Bug Lites are available in a CFL Post Light and come with a four year limited warranty.
  • GE Bug Lite Floodlights cast a wider beam that adds drama to driveways and yards. It has a rated life of 2,000 hours.
  • GE Bug Lites are available as a standard incandescent bulb. You can find them in 40-watt, 60-watt and 100-watt packs. These bulbs have a life of 1,000 hours.