Flatly Better: GE 23-Watt CFL Flat Lens PAR38 Floodlight Takes Energy Efficiency to New Heights

CLEVELAND, Ohio  (NYSE: GE)  For most fixtures where PAR38 lamps are used-in retail, property management and a variety of commercial settings – the new GE® 23-watt CFL Flat Lens PAR38 floodlight from GE Appliances & Lighting shines new light on maintenance convenience with a long 8,000-hour rated life. It delivers the payback of a high efficiency compact fluorescent lamp. 

GE's 23-watt CFL Flat Lens PAR38 floodlight offers more than energy efficiency, long life and long maintenance cycles. Customers concerned about aesthetics will appreciate how the new floodlight's hard-glass design resembles the standard PAR-shaped lamps. Its unique all-weather construction can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The new floodlight casts a wide beam to add drama to areas it illuminates. It features a color temperature of 2700K, a color-rendering index of 82 and excellent lumen maintenance.