Florianópolis Celebrates the City’s Anniversary with New LED Public Lighting

Beira-Mar Norte bicycle lane boasts more efficient and sustainable lighting
Florianópolis, Brazil — June 22, 2012 —  (NYSE:GE) — Florianópolis, the capital city of Santa Catarina, Brazil, inaugurated the first phase of its new LED lighting project in March along the bicycle lane on Beira-Mar Norte, the city’s main avenue. Distributor SQE LUZ led the project, timed to coincide with the commemoration of the city’s 286th anniversary, in partnership with GE Lighting.
In all, Brazil’s fourth-leading city will install 366 GE Evolve™ Cobrahead LED fixtures. The LED systems consume 50 percent less energy than the previously installed mercury vapor lamps. With a 50,000-hour rated life, these lights also last five to six times longer than the previous technology. This durability will allow the city to spend less on maintenance.
In addition to the savings they represent, GE’s Evolve™ Cobrahead LED fixtures are weatherproof, an ideal characteristic for areas exposed to high salinity and corrosion, thanks to GE’s exclusive fixture housing. The fixtures also offer a smaller surface area to combat the effects of wind.
“Known for its natural beauty, this city is also providing a concrete example of sustainable growth by choosing LED technology to light its public areas,” noted Lionel Ramirez, President and CEO of GE Lighting Latin America. “We are proud to contribute toward building a Brazil that prizes development and respects the environment.” 
Ramirez also added that GE Lighting is increasing its global spending on research and development toward finding energy-efficient solutions by 20 percent in 2012.
Florianópolis, Brazil
Florianópolis, Brazil

GE’s Evolve™ Cobrahead LED System
The LED system chosen for the bicycle lane was named “Best in Class” in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Next Generation Luminaires. The contest recognizes excellence in LED lighting design.
The advantages of LED lighting include a long life and the ability to direct light to certain areas, reducing wasted energy and glare. LEDs offer brighter and more uniform illumination that improves visibility and color quality. Fixtures need to be changed less often, meaning reduced labor costs and traffic disruptions, as well as greater security.
The Beira-Mar Norte project will reduce lighting-related greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent*. SQE LUZ, an authorized GE distributor in Santa Catarina State, will complete the installation in four phases and will be responsible for maintaining the LED systems used in Florianópolis.
“We are pleased to be able to rely on a trusted brand such as GE to bring the latest in technological innovation to our city,” commented Luciano Renzetti, manager of SQE LUZ-Florianópolis.  “We hope to close other projects for the state in the near future.”
About the City of Florianópolis
Located in central-east Santa Catarina State, Florianópolis is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and boasts more than 100 beaches.  Most of the city (97.23%) is on Santa Catarina Island, known as the Magic Island.  According to the 2010 IBGE Census, Florianópolis has a population of 421,000.  It ranks as one of the world’s leading tourism destinations, known for the seashore at Canasvieiras, popular among Argentines and Uruguayans; the glamor of Jurerê Internacional; the famous Costão do Santinho resort; and surfing and hipster meccas such as Joaquina and Praia Mole.
SQE LUZ operates public lighting systems for the largest cities in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, among them Florianópolis, Joinville, São José and São Francisco do Sul. Its highly qualified technical team uses programs and technology designed especially for public lighting by Arcadis Logos S.A., a world-renowned engineering company. Its public lighting services range from a toll-free customer service number and website to control of energy costs, geo-referenced registration of the public lighting system, planning, maintenance and projects using the most modern public lighting technologies to ensure excellent service under municipal control and oversight.
For more information please visit: www.sqeluz.com.br
About GE Lighting
GE Lighting invents with the vigor of its founder Thomas Edison to develop energy-efficient solutions that change the way people light their world in commercial, industrial, municipal and residential settings. The business employs over 17,000 people in more than 100 countries, and sells products under the Reveal® and Energy Smart® consumer brands, and Evolve™, GTx, Immersion ™, Infusion ™, Lumination™ and Tetra® commercial brands, all trademarks of GE. General Electric (NYSE: GE) works on things that matter to build a world that works better. For more information, visit www.gelighting.com.
(*) Values were calculated using “The Lighting AssistantTM” offered by GE that examines the projected impact of lighting decisions based on EPA’s Energy Star 2007, 2010 Campaign General Assumption Sheet da EPA. Neither this tool nor the analysis generated by this tool, in any way constitutes or implies either a warranty of lamp or ballast performance or a guarantee of the actual costs or savings that will be realized or the appropriateness of the solutions suggested.