GE Calculator Defines Value of Energy-Efficient Lighting Makeover

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – April 17, 2012 – (NYSE:GE) – Trips to the lighting aisle are less likely to trip you up when you’re armed with the right information. In addition to the tried-and-true, bring-the-bulb-you’re-replacing approach, this Earth Day (April 22) GE Lighting encourages an online trip to its GE Energy-Efficient Soft White Estimator, an energy-savings calculator ( The calculator shows consumers how much money they’ll save with a simple switch from traditional incandescent bulbs to GE Energy-Efficient Soft White, bulbs that operate much like incandescents but use 28 percent less energy.
“Never in our 130-year history has consumer education been more important,” says Jeff Patton, general manager of consumer marketing, GE Lighting. “The global lighting industry transformation that is underway is driving excitement and innovation in the application of lighting through an array of new technologies, such as LED and CFL bulbs, but it’s also potentially confusing to consumers who simply want to put more efficient lighting in a family room, bedroom or kitchen.”
 Energy-Efficient Soft White
While the Energy-Efficient Soft White bulb closely resembles the look of the incandescent we all love, it operates up to 28 percent more efficiently.

While change is happening fast, there are plenty of lighting options to suit different consumer needs and personalities:
Incandescent Lovers:  Will appreciate the familiar, incandescent look of GE’s Energy-Efficient Soft White* bulbs, but be pleasantly surprised with the energy-savings. They use 28 percent less energy output than those beloved incandescents.
Gotta-Have-It-First, Early Adopters: Will jump at the chance to use the first ENERGY STAR®-qualified LED bulb. Available in 9- and 13-watt versions, GE’s Energy Smart® LED* bulb not only provides 77 percent greater efficiency than standard incandescents, but it lasts more than two decades.
Lighting Gearheads: Who are ready to try something new but aren’t ready to leap to LED have plenty of options, including a hybrid bulb. GE’s Energy Smart® Bright From The StartTM* combines the best of three technologies – incandescent, CFL and halogen – in one bulb, giving consumers all the best features they love, plus a lifespan that’s eight times longer than incandescents. For those Gearheads wanting more simplicity and greater control, GE’s Energy Smart® Dimmable Spiral®* is just the right light. Using 75 percent less energy than incandescents and lasting up to 10 times longer, this deep-dimming CFL provides the perfect level of light for any setting. 
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*These bulbs use less energy, but may provide less brightness. 
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