GE Lighting Products Selected to Control Lighting for Innovative Research and Cancer Care Center

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — Feb. 8, 2012 — (NYSE:GE) — The new 11-story, 422,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Mount Sinai Center for Science and Medicine located on Madison Avenue in New York City is being designed to unite clinicians, scientists, educators and their colleagues in an interactive space while expanding Mount Sinai’s research and treatment programs. With high aspirations for collaboration in this joint clinical research and ambulatory care cancer center, Mount Sinai has designed education spaces, lounges and computer facilities, basic science research space, the Mount Sinai Brain Institute and Spinal Cord Injury Research Center, the Center for Translational and Molecular Imaging, the Cancer Center and a multi-story lobby to maximize the organization’s ability to provide an appealing location for specialty outpatient care and clinical research. As a result, Mount Sinai selected GE’s lighting control products when designing and constructing the new building.
Brazill Brothers will be providing a GE LonWorks®-enabled ProSys LM Lighting Control System™ for the Mount Sinai Center for Science and Medicine. The ProSys LM Lighting Control System is composed of a network of relay panels and occupant control switches lined by a 4-wire dataline to form a reconfigurable, “softwired” switching platform that links occupant switches to relays and relays to lighting groups or zones. A network of ProSys LM panels can accept a virtually unlimited number of intelligent devices such as panels, switches or LonWorks-enabled lighting systems, ensuring seamless integration into building automation systems and reducing expansion costs over time.
GE ProSys panels installed on each floor of the medical center will work together to control lighting in various zones of the building, insuring that the diverse needs of different sections of the building are being met at all times, whether a laboratory or lounge. Built-in timers will provide easily customizable, automatic-timing functionality, allowing for lighting on/off scheduling for every day of the week and 32 holidays, as well as integration with daylight harvesting technology for maximum illumination efficiency. A web-based, front-end user interface will also allow for technicians to easily configure lighting schedules and monitor performance based on live usage reporting through a standard web browser, ultimately ensuring consistency and electricity savings throughout the medical center.
With the Mount Sinai Center for Science and Medicine scheduled for completion in 2013, GE Lighting, in conjunction with Brazill Brothers, will remain an important contributor to Mount Sinai as lighting systems are tailored to create an inviting location to visit and work over the next several years.
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