Invite Light To Your Holiday Party – GE Reveal® and GE Edison™ light bulbs shed the best light on any occasion

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  With the holiday season just around the corner, consumers are looking for bright ideas to make their homes festive and radiant for special entertaining. 

Set the right mood with the right light. GE Reveal® light bulbs produce clean, beautiful light® that's perfect for overall lighting. GE Edison™ bulbs deliver bright, crisp light™ that's ideal for highlighting artwork, mantels and favorite accessories or holiday decorations.

To see the greatest benefit from this light, consumers should start by making sure they are using the right bulbs in the right fixtures. Use general purpose bulbs in table and floor lamps and enclosed ceiling fixtures. Use decorative bulbs in chandeliers, sconces or anywhere the bulb is visible. Use spotlights and floodlights in track and recessed fixtures.

Party tips!

• As guests arrive, make sure the exterior is well lit. Use outdoor floodlights to create wide beams of light for pathways and entranceways. Use outdoor spotlights to accent the decorative exterior features of the home.

• As guests enter the home, greet them with the bright, crisp light of GE Edison bulbs in the entryway lighting fixture.

• Use dimmers in the living room and dining room. The highest level creates a bright, cheery atmosphere. The lower settings are great for more intimate gatherings.

• A complete room makeover is as simple as the flick of a switch. If consumers replace all of their incandescent bulbs with GE Reveal bulbs they will quickly see the vibrant colors of their home.

• Use GE Reveal decorative bulbs in the dining room chandelier to give that "flame effect."

• Make holiday décor shine with strategically placed GE Edison bulbs. For example, light up the Christmas tree from below, spotlight the stocking-adorned mantle from the side or add dramatic glow to the Menorah.

• The party always seems to move to the kitchen, so be sure refreshments and hors d'oeuvres look their freshest by putting GE Reveal bulbs in overhead lighting. For brilliant under-cabinet lighting, hanging pendants, and track and recessed fixtures, use GE Edison bulbs.

• Light a few candles. They're a perfect accent to lighting and can help create a warm, festive atmosphere.

• Finally, put on an illuminating smile.

For more information or other helpful lighting tips for the home, visit or call 1-800-GE-LIGHT.