All Aboard: Jamaica Station Redevelopment Utilizes Daylight and GE Lamps to Create an Energy-Efficient, Low-Maintenance Lighting Solution

CLEVELAND, Ohio  (NYSE: GE)  The gateway to JFK’s AirTrain Light Rail airport access system is the Jamaica Station complex. The facility’s vertical circulation building and new portal structure serve as an introduction to the region’s most important airport. Using lamps from GE Appliances & Lighting, designers Domingo González, Nelson Downend and Mario Merza have created an energy-efficient and low-maintenance lighting design that reinforces passenger flow throughout the station and is compatible with architectural constraints.

Daylight is supplemented with fluorescent lighting systems, controlled by photocell and astronomical time clocks to ensure that the right light levels are established throughout the station at all hours.

Luminaires for the outdoor platforms, stairs, concourse and the Westerly Bridge are standardized around energy-efficient, integrally jacketed, GE 32-watt T8 3500 K cold temperature fluorescent lamps that are protected against steel dust and low temperatures. Custom-designed, extruded aluminum luminaires integrate ballasts, wireways, and emergency power supplies, ensuring adaptability and ease-of-maintenance. At night, over the platforms, asymmetric 400-watt metal halide luminaires uplight the ceiling.

In the vertical circulation building, luminaires with 70-watt metal halide lamps are integrated into the curtain wall and celebrate the façade. Recessed downlights with GE 42-watt Triple Biax® 3500 K lamps and 70-watt metal halide downlights with turbo-louvers to control source brightness differentiate this important connector.

“The use of daylight coupled with GE T8 fluorescent and metal halide lamps allows the Jamaica Station to maintain a high degree of lighting consistency at any hour,” says Mary Beth Gotti, manager of GE’s renowned Lighting & Electrical Institute. “The design is more energy efficient and requires less maintenance, which is a significant benefit for a station that hosts a very large amount of daily traffic.”

This lighting project is among several recognized during the 2007 GE Edison Awards held in May 2008.