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EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — June 19, 2012 — (NYSE: GE) — Whether it's a rural road or a major metropolitan highway, GE Lighting now offers cities of every size a fitting solution for illuminating streets. New GE Evolve™ LED Scalable Cobrahead fixtures are the next evolution of GE Lighting's LED roadway lighting technology, reducing energy use up to 50 percent compared to standard high-intensity discharge (HID) systems. Four sizes are immediately available to meet virtually any municipal code. 
"Some cities spend up to 60 percent of electricity consumption on street lighting," says Tim Miller, senior product manager for GE Lighting. "Others are already saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with GE Evolve LED roadway fixtures."
Miller added that LED systems also last up to five times longer than HID lamps, further reducing the frequency and expense of maintenance. 
After the Evolve LED Cobrahead won Best-in-Class ('Street/Roadway Lighting') in the U.S. Department of Energy 2009 Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition, GE asked its top engineers to make it even better—and they did. The new Evolve LED Scalable Cobraheads offer increased light output and more pavement distribution patterns to suit a wider range of roadway classifications, while using up to 25 percent fewer watts than original LED Cobrahead fixtures. 

GE Evolve™ LED Scalable Cobrahead fixtures
The new GE Evolve™ LED Scalable Cobrahead fixtures are the next evolution of GE Lighting's LED roadway lighting technology.

It's All in the Aim
Evolve LED Scalable Cobraheads have a unique reflective optical design that uses less light and efficiently aims it precisely where needed, reducing glare and wasteful spill light. Available in color temperatures of 4000K or 5700K and providing between 3,000 and 21,900 initial lumen output, GE's new roadway lights preserve the aesthetic appeal of original Cobrahead fixtures and incorporate a robust heat sink that does not rely on air movement to effectively cool the unit. 
The Road to Energy Savings
Rated for 50,000 hours, GE's Scalable Cobrahead fixtures can provide more than 11 years of reliable service (based on 12 hours of operation per day) with less than 15 percent reduction of initial light output. 
In fact, new Evolve LED Scalable Cobraheads are already at work in Las Vegas where city officials recently specified GE's LED roadway lights for arterial streets and residential thoroughfares. More than 35,000 fixtures will be installed throughout the city over the next 12 months, reducing annual electricity costs by more than $1.5 million. 
Dimmable Controllers Drive Down Costs
Scalable Cobrahead fixtures can be paired with the GE Monitor™ Stand-Alone Controller to achieve even greater cost savings. The controller turns on at dusk, dims at the predetermined time to a preset amount, returns to full brightness at 5 a.m., and turns off at dawn, offering 20-30 percent energy savings above normal photocell operation (based on $.10/kWh and 4 hr. nightly dimming at 50 percent). 
To learn more about the many advantages of new Evolve LED Roadway Scalable Cobrahead fixtures visit www.gelightingsolutions.com.
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