Expansion of GE LED Cove Lighting System Promotes More LED Conversions

CLEVELAND, Ohio  (NYSE: GE)  Expanded color options in GE Appliances & Lighting's GE LED Cove Lighting System product line make it easier than ever for casinos, hotels, resorts, commercial retail operations and residential applications with extended operations to stop wasteful spending on energy and maintenance. At 25 times the life of halogen, the new 4100K GE LED Cove Lighting System provides 320 lumens per foot and consumes just 6.5 watts of energy. It delivers excellent brightness and significant energy savings-a 78 percent reduction compared with a 30 watts-per-foot halogen system.

"The use of GE LED lighting systems in coves has become an irresistible proposition for businesses," says Gus Lanese, manager of growth initiatives, GE Appliances & Lighting. "When you run lights continuously, you ought to be using reliable, long-life LED systems that don't run up the energy bill. Paybacks based on the cost of the product and comparative energy and maintenance costs will invariably show that the GE LED Cove lighting system is preferable to halogen systems."

Rated for 50,000 hours and capable of running continuously for more than five years, the GE LED Cove Lighting System incorporates the energy efficiency and long life of GE-quality LED technology. The GE LED Cove Lighting System now offers a 10-foot leader cable in addition to a 40-foot cable. The new shorter cable reduces wasted material and can reduce an end-user's cabling costs by as much as 33 percent in some applications. In addition to adding more lumens, the new 4100K GE LED Cove Lighting System now offers a 10-percent higher color-rendering index of 77. The system contains no lead, mercury or glass and is RoHS compliant.

Users of the GE LED Cove Lighting System can:
  • Eliminate light-quality inconsistencies from incorrect color temperatures or differing brightness levels in replacement lamps;
  • Avoid "socket shadows" thanks to a 120-degree uniform beam pattern that produces a bright and even warm-white light;
  • Dim the lighting with an electronic low-voltage (ELV) reverse phase control dimmer; and
  • Reduce the hassle and expense of labor, material and disposal costs associated with traditional lamp replacement.
The GE LED Cove Lighting System offers easy-to-use mounting tracks and fewer system components for quick and simple assembly on-site. The one-foot LED fixture lengths provide better lighting around curves and corners, and jumper cables make it easy to work around angles. The low-voltage, Class II power supply is integrated in each fixture to enable long runs of up to 200 feet per 120-volt power input.

Using GE LED lighting systems for cove lighting also allows customers to positively impact their company's brand image with better lighting consistency and control.