Weekend Project: Photo Gallery

Turn a hallway or entryway into a family art gallery, using a kraft paper template to easily organize artwork, and add track lighting to highlight the finished result. 


• Measure height and width of wall hanging area
• Cut kraft paper to match area dimensions
• Lay kraft paper on floor, and organize frames into your ideal arrangement
• Trace outside of each frame with marker
• Mark where nail hole should be (place nail hole at center of frame)
• Tape kraft paper template onto wall hanging area
• Nail hardware through kraft paper; carefully remove kraft paper, leaving hardware in place
• Hang frames on hardware
• Install track lighting fixture with directional spotlights to complement the décor and space
• Install dimmer switch if desired
• Adjust GE Reveal® halogen bulbs to highlight the photo gallery

Shopping List:

• Picture frames and matting
• Assorted black and white and color photos (or artwork) in a variety of sizes
• Hanging hardware (nails, hooks, etc.)
• Kraft paper
• Marker
• Painter's tape
• Tract lighting fixture with directional spotlights
• Dimmer switch (optional)
• GE Reveal halogen spotlights (50–watt recommended)

Hallway Makeover Video
Hallway Makeover Instructions PDF