New GE Lumination™ LED Luminaires Stop Boring Ceilings Before They Start

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – May 10, 2012 – (NYSE:GE) – Designers can dress bland commercial ceiling space in chic new style with Lumination™ Luminaires and other bright indoor LED ideas from GE Lighting Solutions. A Lumination slim suspended fixture and 1’x4’ recessed troffer are now available to exquisitely attire office, retail or hospitality settings.
The Lumination Suspended fixture delivers remarkable light output in an ultra-thin, provocative design. Honored today as a recognized winner in the Next Generation Luminaires™ (NGL) 2012 Indoor Competition, linear pendant lighting category, the Suspended Luminaire is an entirely new aesthetic that combines direct and indirect lighting in one highly efficient, translucent LED luminaire. A clear, narrow band surrounds the edge of the fixture, making the light source appear to ‘float’ through the air. GE Lighting Solutions will offer the new Suspended fixture beginning this summer.
GE Lumination Suspended fixture
A clear, narrow band surrounding the edge of the Lumination Suspended fixture makes it appear to ‘float’ through the air.
These chic, slim fixtures as thin as the width of a finger emit a crisp, pleasing light and instantly enhance the look of any room. When illuminated, they produce an even glow, delivering exceptionally uniform light to fill the space. While off, they appear free of a light source - a differentiator compared to most fluorescent fixtures that are typically visible. The ultra-thin panels (0.5 inches) fit seamlessly in most common T-bar ceiling grids and feature a built-in dimmable LED driver to help make installation less complex and time consuming compared to traditional fixtures.
Lumination LED Recessed Troffers also consume considerably less energy than fluorescent tubes, providing cost savings of up to 26 percent depending upon the lamp type. They are immediately available in a 2’x2’ format with 1’x4’ fixtures coming later this year.
Other GE LED Solutions:
Channel-System Ceiling Lights
Tomorrow’s integrated ceilings will bring an ultra-modern, minimalistic aesthetic to office, hospitality and retail environments by transforming lighting and other utilities into dramatic visual elements. GE Lighting Solutions has developed an LED structure for use in channel-system ceilings to illuminate spaces in exquisite ribbons of light. The channel-style LEDs will be available in 4- and 6-inch wide, 4- and 6-foot long sizes. More information is coming soon.
Wall Washer
GE’s LED Wall Washer lighting systems draw attention to a large area and emphasize textures on vertical surfaces in restaurant, retail and hospitality settings. These compact lighting luminaires provide engaging, uniform light and are easily hidden in a ledge or recess. The GE LED Wall Washer is available with different optics to enhance the architectural design of three specific lighting applications: cove, wall washing and wall grazing.
Accent Lighting
Designers can add lighting layers to highlight indoor spaces with GE’s new LED Accent Lighting. The slim-profile LED modules work in harmony with other lighting elements and structures to provide subtle emphasis or drama where desired. Outstanding color consistency and light uniformity make decorating objects, trim or accent pieces easy.
GE's new Tetra® PowerGrid is a bright idea for replacing fluorescent in channel letter and backlighting applications that require broad, uniform lighting.
GE Lighting Solutions, LLC is a business of GE Lighting. Its goal is to continue to change the way commercial interior spaces are lit with the introduction of more than ten new luminaires throughout the next year and a half, such as multiple styles of troffers including linear, suspended-fixture and surface-mounted solutions. For more information, please visit
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