Versatile, Compact SHOWBIZ® CSR Lamp Caters to Event Lighting Industry

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  As the need for versatile event lighting grows, GE Appliances & Lighting's SHOWBIZ® CSR short–arc metal halide lamp line expands with the SHOWBIZ CSR575/SS/DE/75. This double–ended metal halide lamp provides excellent color rendering with high efficiency, as well as hot–restrike capability and daylight color temperature. 

The CSR575/SS/DE/75 lamp's compact fixture design, measuring only 92 mm long, is the ultimate choice for event lighting applications. The short arc gap of only 5 mm enables excellent optical control for a fixture manufacturer.

In addition to its convenient size, the CSR575/SS/DE/75 lamp also offers a variety of features to create daylight color temperatures for stage productions, concerts, architectural lighting, or any venue that requires moving lights or intelligent lighting fixtures. The lamp features a color temperature of 7500 Kelvin, a 70–plus color–rendering index and a rated life of 750 hours.

Because of the exact chemical dosing in all SHOWBIZ CSR lamps, the CSR575/SS/DE/75 generates stable lamp color temperatures over the life of the product, ensuring consistent performance in all types of fixtures.

The CSR575/SS/DE/75 lamp can also be used on electronic or AC magnetic ballasts/igniters. Developed through the GE Six Sigma process, this new SHOWBIZ CSR lamp fills out GE's full range of high–performance stage and studio lamps. SHOWBIZ CSR lamps incorporate the latest lighting technologies and are produced to world–class standards.