GE Introduces New "Turn And Lock" Technology for Easier Lamp Installation

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  GE Appliances & Lighting introduces new "turn and lock" (TAL) installation technology for its halogen and HID SHOWBIZ® lamp lines. The SHOWBIZ CSD 300 lamp and the SHOWBIZ CSR700, CSR1200 and CSR1500 HID lamps now offer a rear-load lamp base system which allows for fast, easy installation or replacement of lamps in such compact spaces as stage productions, concerts, architectural lighting-any venue using moving-lights and intelligent lighting fixtures. The CSR TAL turn and lock product lines are mainly used in event lighting and are 100 percent compatible with fixtures that accept FastFit and Lok-it!® products. 

These single-ended metal halide lamps are especially useful for moving-lights applications that call for high color temperatures and brighter light sources. The turn and lock technology provides easy installation. These products offer very short arc gaps that are typically found on double ended lamps, which allow for higher beam intensity and enable top operating performance, color stability and superior lumen maintenance due to better optical control. It also offers a flexible power range for boosting light levels. The CRI and color temperatures match those of the double-ended cousins for the same wattages. The lamps can be used on electronic or AC magnetic ballasts/igniters.

SHOWBIZ® is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.

Lok-it!® is a registered trademark of Osram.